Toner: What to use according to Skin Type

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Remember how those ‘get rid of acne” commercials was made famous when you were a teenager? How about telling your old self that toner use will definitely cleanse all dirt or signs of impurities in your face? Guess it’s all relatable because you still have it in your skin care ritual up to date – right?

Apparently, way before Korean cosmetics create a widespread popularity of K-10 step skincare regimens, rights reserved – facial toners are quite famous as alcohol-filled solution that would magically lessen acne scarring and pimples. It might have gotten rid small inflamed elevation of the skin (pustule), but it also stings a ton and dry out your skin complexion. Fortunately, what do toners do nowadays, absolutely solve your acne prone skin frustration and sensitive skin sentiments – all in non-sting element formulation.

While you had your past self-swiping experiences with what toner is used for, let’s dig further on what does toner do for your face and what is facial toner in your skin care habit, in entirety.

Toner – What is it really?

Basically, it’s the in-between skincare step (after washing your face with clean soap and before applying moisturizer, cleanser or serum). It’s a quick to apply absorbent that removes dirt, excess oil, makeup traces, dull skin and controls acne sprout. It also balances the pH of your skin and makes it in radiant glow and healthy complexion.

Though it was deemed as non-essential care routine historically – due to its drying and too astringent effect – the comeback of today’s new generation tone products, cite alcohol free substance and have more astringent properties which outsmart the previously offered toners in the market.

What does a toner do for your face?

Today, addressing your skin concerns does not limit on acne treatment, oily skin or what are facial toners for. Since toner on face prepare the skin for moisturizer and serum, the reformulated toners now also target to remove the buildup surface of dead skin cells by cleaning and to close pores. Most are now in even toner-serum hybrids with more substantial gel or lotion texture, which enhance what is a facial tonic and makes it more safe and healthy to use.

Quick basics on how to use Toner.

  1. As it balances the pH of the skin, alkaline soap products are well suggested for face cleansing. Wash your face and use the alkaline soap to clean wipe.
  2. Get a cotton ball and soak a cotton pad with toner and gently swipe it over your face, neck and chest. What are toners for face in current times is most likely water based, so no worries of having unwanted sting reactions. Note: You can also put drops of toner in your palm and press it on the face instead of using cotton.
  3. Allow it to dry. ( Apply morning and night)
  4. Feel free to add on your serum or moisturizer, basing your skin-centric routine.

Facial toners according to Skin type

There are particular toners that reflects on the types of the Skin. You can’t just buy the toner you like and use it as long as you want yet it completely differs on what your skin needs. Know your skin well and choose toner ingredients based on it:

Dry Skin

Choose to apply a toner that deeply hydrate and nourish your skin. Amino acids and Saccharomyces ferment filtrate are known ingredients for this. You can find such ingredient in Missha Clear Toner.

Dull skin

Face toners with natural exfoliants such as lactic acid and papaya extracts are best for lightening. Try Pro Beauty Co Enzyme Toner.

Mature skin

Seek care products that have antioxidants and hydrating formulation. It includes glycerin, hyaluronic acid, rose water, Sodium PCA, Lecithin. What does toner face do with these ingredients are remarkable. Opt for Heritage Store rosewater toner  as great help for your aging skin in sign.

Acne Prone skin

Embrace alcohol free toner with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) such as COSRX  it will leave your skin glowing without flake traces which what is face toner for. Its acid promotes gentle solution which is best for sensitive skin types.

Non- sensitive skin

Applying tone products with salicylic acid-based content is recommended. However, it may be a bit harsh to those who have sensitive skin. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Exfoliant  is a toner really for you.

Sensitive skin

Toning face naturally are well suggested for skin that are susceptible. If you’re using skin-calming botanicals, it will provide relief and deep hydration for receptive to sense types. Here’s best seller toner for you by Klairs Supple Preparation Toner.

Large Pores

Apply tone products that has an AHA like glycolic acid, which remove unwanted dead cells accrued around pores. Try Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic and experience a power-packed dose of exfoliating glycolic acid.

What is the use of face toner and when to use it?

Since the labeling of what is a toner for face purpose are prominent in skin care routine market, a lot still has confusion if toner is for what, really. Is it something that exfoliates, hydrates, balances pH or takes off your makeup? What is toner used for depends on how your skin necessitate to use it. Here’s a short breakdown on what does a facial toner do in your skin with corresponding specifics of usage.

  1. If you have reactive skin, use Rosewater. It’s quite familiar in mist or spray form. As rose essential oils are known to be effective against bacteria, substance that inhibits oxidation / free radicals and anti- inflammatory properties; what does face toner do for skin (with rosewater) is to reduce and calm breakouts, align with SPF and lessen UV damage or photoaging. If you perfectly weigh what percent rose oil concentration are best for your texture, you’ll be surprised to discover what does toner do to your face.
  2. It’s time to take off your makeup, use Micellar Water. What does skin toner do with micellar water is extraordinary. If you want a good and satisfying cleanse after a long day of wearing makeup, use micellar water as an allover toner. It draws out excessive oil and dirt that can be found on face surface and rinses your pores.
  3. Restore your skin pH, this is what facial tonic do to your skin. A Tonic is one particular kind of toner which refreshes, balance and invigorates your surfacing texture. Given that it has three diverse recipe sorts; tonic, astringent and freshner, it is extremely hydrating (like an essence), exfoliates and consider as clear-adjacent like micellar water.
  4. If you want to have a natural astringent toners for your face, use Witch Hazel. What does toner do for skin (with witch hazel) is to shrink pores while soothing and relieving inflammation. It prevents acne-causing bacteria from infecting your skin. It may sometimes cause irritation and dryness if used with regularity due to its mixed ingredients like isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Exfoliating acid-based toners are a smart method of removing dead skin cells and sloughing the superficial layers of the skin,” says Rachel Nazarian, MD, a dermatologist with Schweiger Dermatology Group  , rights reserved. What is a toner face in regular use? It will surely improve the texture of your skin and diminish hyperpigmentation, dark spots caused by ultraviolet radiation and pollution. It has deeper removal debris levels, which suited best for people who wear heavy makeup.
  6. If you need extra or in depth hydration, add up Essence in your daily skin care routine. It’s an alcohol free and free of oil toner that replenishes and balances over stressed texture – all to reveal incredibly smooth and radiant result. It serves as same purpose as a serum, however, it’s formulated in more enhancing product absorption.


Most frequent questions and answers

What is toner for face used for comes with clearing dirt and impurities in entirety. It’s one resort for acne prone, oily skin and dry skin. There are times wherein we’re not really sure if there aren’t any lingering dust, pollution, etc. after washing cleanser, that’s where toners skin product goes.

If you have an acne concern and often search for derivatives that has formulas to clear any emphasizing debris of pores or its appearance, then use toner. It removes the last bit of dirt or bacteria on the skin, just make sure to look for a toner that is right for your skin type.

What tone products differ to astringents is that they are available in an alcohol free solvent. Alcohol free is milder for your skin than astringent, so it’s very safe to use every day. Also, alcohol free products are not intoxicating account agents like ethanol, which keep you away from any unwanted surface reaction.

With a mass post and share that you’ve been receiving through social sites and email newsletters, you really are quite confused on what does toner do to your skin / what does toner do for your skin. There’s a lot of corresponding menu to consider when you decide to go use such care product; it will all depend on skin types, concerns, and ingredients. Hydrating, calming, and soothing toners can generally be used twice a day, explains dermatologists. There are many helps or information, you can browse or skim on books, however, you need to list what category falls in safety if you want to love what tone products results may ever give you.


If you’re confused or afraid to try using tone products in your permanent routine, perhaps because you have sensitive skin type or dull to dry texture, know that you need to cleanse residual impurities in your face and toning is what you should do to address the remedy for it. When using tone products, discipline yourself to identify what’s right and good for you – after all, you’ll be gaining your finest result, if and if you follow your own rules and skin care dosage.

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