Men in Style: Undercut from Classic to Modern

Undercut Haircut

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There’s a byword that says “Success favors the well groomed”, apparently; that’s quite a notion of hairstyles for men.

While prominent layered chic to bob haircuts are exemplariness of woman’s crowning glory, the classic men’s undercut hairstyle of today increasingly buzz the trend as the best opt haircut for men or women alike.

Men tend to do it fast – including hair fixes. We cut our hair short to spend just minutes in the bathroom, easy as that. However, we also won’t settle for less, that’s why we do the rightfully just to groom ourselves. Among all other trends or ‘what’s latest’, undercut hairstyles notably vie most attention of men. Aside from it gives the fresher, youthful look and versatility, undercut hairstyle also surprisingly works with amazing diverse of wavy, curly, and straight hair types.

What’s an undercut haircut anyway?

Predominant among men, undercuts were famed historic haircut fashion way back 1910’s-1940’s – Yes, that’s Julius Caesar you’re thinking – and revived in the year 2010. Its design typicality in the past left a lengthy hair top while back and sides are scrammed very short undercut, closely related to its re-gained popularity – with a little emphasis on slicked back undercut hairstyle.

Today, there are lots of interesting, cool new versions and easy-to-find tutorials interpreting how to do undercuts step by step and hairstyle the undercut.As modern under cut display a classic twist on men’s hairstyle, let’s take an in-depth look on how its faddish variations slowly change the world – one undercut at a time:

Slick Back Undercut

Pull off the slicked back haircuts – undercut hairstyles for men – by ensuring your hair is on its long undercut length, enough for you to arrange fad style backwards. To perfectly get this cool look, make sure you use fragrant hair dressing products such as pomade with a bit more polish to harness balance up top or opt for matte hair mousse to keep things in best appearance. If you’re evocative on earlier hair gel products, evenly damp it into hair and blow dry towards the back foremost using fingers to style. If your hair is straight, it’ll make your waking routine as easy as 1-2-3, you’ll achieve neat and trim appearance by simply slicking your hair back in less effort.

Side swept Undercut

One easy undercut hairstyles for men is the side swept, simply cut down the sides to slicked back and leave the top on lengthy 5-6 inches in measure, then toss your hair (Yep! Toss) to the one side or two. Freely style your undercut haircut whichever sides you like and enjoy dapper results or best to combine with connected undercut haircut in medium-hold matte mousse to flex an attractive undercut hairstyle and keep it from hair destruct.

Pompadour Undercut

Embody a nostalgic flair by channelling 1950’s flex of pompous pompadour into your undercut for men. Working best on extending tufts, this pomp features considerable volume with much less product and management yet convey conforming hair undercut fashion in lengthy smooth surface and plausibility look. This undercut version is most likely the same on slick back undercut hairstyle , but excessively elevated or ornate. Express your modern streak mashup by using stronghold gel or light pomade to sweep up to height, roll in style and finish to blow dry. That’s how to huffy interpret a pompey in undercut.

Fringe Undercut

Highly popularized undercut haircut splurge into men s undercut /coiffure niche today and if you’re looking for one off short sides that are not shaved down to skin, yet display more natural side swept looking style, add up a fresh element of FRINGE Undercut! Fringes or ‘Bangs’ is any hair undercut where the top hair (long hair undercut or round) is styled to sweep across the forehead. Fringes is an excellent add up for the undercut haircut, whether it is all over or confined to your temples. Given that it’s never constraint in just the angular shapes – some execute rumple look when angular aspect is de-emphasized – you can vertically hang it or push it to side swept to play its significance in many forms.

Disconnected Undercut

Fan of fashion-forward sides shaving men s undercut? Stand out with a disconnected undercut haircut. It got its name because the hair top is disconnected from the side part undercut. It clearly defines a slight gap from the undercut long hair from the short hair in both sides. It stresses a confident appearance and thus became pretty popular with a touch longer length curls to wavy hair tops contrasting as disconnected undercut high bald fade or hard part.

Curly Undercut

If your hair is strikingly out of the ordinary wavy hair or has gentle kinks on it, well, curly hair undercuts will be your best new daring look. If we are to describe things about curly hair, we will surely be united to say: ‘difficult to tame and style’ – and yes it truly can be hard to manage. Yet, there are haircuts such as a curly undercut hairstyle that shows off your short, tight twists and curls as textured, and voluminous hair are concentrated on the top or pushed to forehead expressing a stylish hairdo. It also creates a thick hair, sharp contrast, if you opt to have high skin fade undercut and exhibits a neat and smart appearance. Style it base on the kinks of your hair undercut, use medium hold pomade for a lifelike beat of curls or gels to keep it stick on place.

Undercut Blowout

Freely style your hair on top of your head with an excellent blowout undercut haircuts. Just wash your hair with nourishing shampoo of course and blow dry. Use pomade or gel to emphasize shape in undercut style and finish it with Hairspray.

Messy Undercut

If you want to keep it simple and do less effort in your morning routine, opt for a mashup with Messy undercut hairstyle for men in many different looks! You can have that longer textured spiky messy undercut that is styled from back to front or all guided longer hair fringe on top adjusted to arrange for your best desired mess creation. This super cool undercut has been a popular choice for men who wish to cut, the expanded time spent trying to style hair in place. Slightly damp, strong hold pomade on hair to keep the polished choppy textures intact all day.

Quiff Undercut

Generally, one most versatile undercuts on style. It features short slicked back and sides, and hair on top swept upwards and backwards in front, and can be messy, straightened or brushed. More likely the hair off, up and away style of Pompadour yet way more glossy and intact. It also provides more options when it comes to dividing in forelock undercut styles.

Top knot Undercut

It’s the one opportunity to show off the thoughts of man bun (classy with beard). The short sides and back sharpen your getup by covering the longer top in a man bun. It’s verbiage display of man bun in wrap reflects the whole essence of top knot. If you and your men s haircut love to keep the bun, this one’s for you guys!


Most frequent questions and answers

Men s undercut have never been an out of style, from late 40’s until now. Most celebrities are having their own versions of Undercuts e.g. David Beckham, Tom Cruise, Nick Jonas, etc. – even Rihanna was caught up in its trend. If you wish to embody modern classic touch of hairstyle, do your hair in undercuts and with its different design variables; you’ll never miss an all out cool look sophistication on trends.

Before you consider to yield on undercut society, make sure you know what style you want and what type of hair you’re attached. Explain how you want it to be sharp if you want a disconnected undercut or how much volume you prefer on top for curly undercut. They’ll surely know what suited best for you, if you want to have it more pomp yet your hair is of medium length they’ll suggest what fits on your hair. Remember to take advices too!

Here’s a step by step haircut tutorial to let you have your desired undercut.


Matte products easily absorb light and quickly makes the hair look thicker, if you have quite a thin; matte best suits you. Though pomade and gel preparation in styling hair are known to men with kinky or wavy hair (medium to strong hold shall enhance intact man in bun), mousses, sea salt sprays and serums has an amazing impact also on undercut hairstyle finishes especially when damp on hair correctly. Remember that hair problems like greasiness or breakage can rise if you carelessly use hair products that is unknown.

The undercut can be interpreted in many different ways and yes, you have your rights reserved whatever style you want to portray. However, make sure to have your chosen style align with the hair type and facial shapes you have. Balance the standard heights of the sides or undercut fade with High-Medium-Low, to determine your undercut edges – be it near the temple, above the ears or closer to nape and use the best hair product to perfectly aim your appetency.

Quick tip for Undercut hairstyle for Men.

There’s no question that a man’s hair is an essential strand to its entire groom, you are to consider products, hair expanse, hair type or the versions on style. So how to exactly get the best undercut for you? Here’s how:

  • Be Classy – Find yourself an undercut with short length on top and move your thing from it. Long length may cover your face or loose tangled, so help it with proper products that would be a key to keep it all in place.

  • Base on your hair type – go for undercut hairstyle that perfectly adds volume and texture equal to your hair type. Make sure it wont be shorter for a comb over or mohawk to brush.

  • Suggested hair products – use quality made matte hair mousse for modern undercut and gel or pomade to execute vintage elegance.

  • Trendy – Pompadour, top knot and disconnected undercut are most preferred nowadays. Will you be the one to wear your own trend undercut soon?

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