Canadian Manufacturers of Premium Nail Products : Ugly Duckling Nails Inc.

Ugly Duckling Nails Inc

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Ugly Duckling Nails Inc. is a manufacturer of professional nail products. They are 100% Canadian owned and manufacture available exclusively to professional nail technicians only, that is why they require you to contact them to register for shopping.

They produce an extensive line of professional nail products that are of the finest quality and are dedicated to keeping positivity flowing in the industry. Their products are innovative from very good covering gel polish to beautiful self-leveling gels and luxurious brushes that lie perfectly in the hand.

Nail experts in Ugly Duckling Nails

The friendly team of Ugly Duckling Nails includes a combined experience of over 65 years as successful working nail techs, salon owners, competitors and educators. It is spearheaded by Yvonne who is the mastermind behind Ugly Duckling. She began her career in 1978 and is recognized for her contributions in the nail industry as a competitor, international judge, and qualified educator.

Other members of the team are Christina, taught by Yvonne’s daughter and Ugly Duckling’s Master Educator who is recognized for her perfect French and skills that encompass all nail mediums, including acrylic, art, 3D, and gel; Natasha, a graduate of Christina’s first class who, with a partner, opened a Nail Studio in 2010, completed her first Educator Training in 2011, and re-certified as an Educator, receiving top honors in class in 2014; and Amy, who was also taught by Yvonne’s daughter in 2007 and subsequently taught at the local beauty college – a quick learner, competitor and educator, has perfect structure, and an eye for great products.

In 2018, Ugly Duckling Nails hosted the second annual 5K Marathon of Education event in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It was attended by 100 nail techs from across the United States, Canada and around the world. During the two-week event taught by five Ugly Duckling educators, techs had the opportunity to hone their skills in a variety of techniques ranging from shaping, reverse French and crystal application to marbleizing, line work and gel polish art. 

Shop and procedures

Ugly Duckling Nails is all about quality. Here is a list of their products sold and procedures:

  • Brushes: Their premium acrylic brushes are individually hand-crafted with the finest quality Siberian kolinsky available.
  • Art Gel: Ugly Duckling self-leveling hard gels are designed for effortless sculpting. They are extra strong and tough high shine.
  • Base/Topcoat: Designed to use with their gel polish and sculpting gels. Their UV/ LED Base/ Topcoat is two great products rolled in one.
  • Coloured acrylic powders: Ugly Duckling coloured acrylic powders have a high concentration of pigment, so a little of it goes a long way. Their colors do not bleed or marbleize.
  • Odorless Acrylic Liquid: While working on your nail as you wipe on your towel and cleaning your brush in the liquid, give the tool a quick dip in the powder to stop it from sticking.
  • Premium Acrylic: Specifically formulated to have better adhesion and strength, and superior self-levelling properties. Ugly Duckling acrylic makes application quicker and more effortless.
  • Schmelt It:  Apply one coat of Schmelt It to a nail filed with sanding band (do not buff). Cure for two minutes in a UV light or 45 seconds in an LED. Do not cleanse.
  • Shtick It: Apply Shtick It to the tacky layer of cured gel polish, or over a finish filed enhancement before the application of top coat.
  • UV/LED Gel: These next generation gel polishes, when applied properly, will not give you a running, shrinking, or peeling sensation. They are pigmented so there is no waste. It goes on like a polish so there is no need to freeze cure.

Other items in their inventory include Brush Cleaner, Fast Dry Topcoat, Gel Cleanser, Gel Polish, Glue, Matte Top Coat, Natural Base, Nail Prep, No Wipe Top Coat, and Velveteen Acrygel


Ugly Duckling Nails Inc. is available to you for technical support and advice, Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 6PM PST. Please note that they are closed on all statutory holidays. You may reach them at [email protected] or call them on these numbers:

Telephone: 1.250.590.5977
Toll free: 1.844.590.7926

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