Goodbye to Sallow Skin and Hello to Youthful Glow

Sallow Skin

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Sallow Skin 101: Its Causes and Effective Ways to Treat It

Uneven, dull, and unhealthy looking skin tone? Don’t freak out, you are having sallow skin. This is very noticeable on your facial skin but can be present on your body that lacks the bright sheen of healthy glowing skin that might look yellow or brown compared to your normal skin tone.

Part of the effects of sallow skin is skin aging that causes skin dryness, thinness, and wrinkling. In addition, your unhealthy lifestyle or your overall health can be one of the biggest factors to sallowness skin.

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Prevention is always better than cure, to know more about the causes and the remedies to treat and prevent sallow skin, here are things you need to know before it is too late.

Sallow Skin Causes Due to Unhealthy Lifestyle

Beauty comes from within so does having an unhealthy lifestyle can greatly affect skin pigmentation. This is one of the basic principles to maintain healthy-looking skin by simply replacing bad habits into good ones. A drastic change in lifestyle is beneficial for your body and skin’s health. Here are four unhealthy habits that you might be doing on a daily basis.

  • Smoking – Tobacco smoke can reduce the production of collagen to your skin that is responsible for supple skin. Excessive smoking makes the aging process to occur sooner than you expected because it also prevents your skin from getting the right amount of oxygen that makes your skin dry and prone to wrinkles. Aside from getting a more radiant skin complexion, completely quitting cigarette smoke can also improve your lungs’ overall health.
  • Dehydration – Don’t forget that drinking water is important to good looking skin. It may sound cliché but this statement is clinically proven and tested throughout the years. Drinking at least eight glasses every day and avoid drinking beverages that are highly caffeinated drinks such as coffee can deteriorate dull-looking skin that causes of sallow skin.
  • Stress – This is one of the culprits to sallow skin. Stress can affect other parts of your body and your skin is not an exemption. In order to avoid chronic stress, you should start to exercise regularly, communicate with your loved ones, and manage your time properly in order to give yourself time for relaxation. 
  • Lack of Sleep – If you are working too hard on that job promotion or a school project, sleepless nights can be worth it but consistently having sleepless nights is something you should worry about. Sleep deprivation blocks your skin from getting all its nutrients. Good night sleep should be at least seven to nine hours in order to regenerate skin cells.
  • Improper Diet – Consuming leafy greens, lean meats, and cereals that are rich in vitamins and minerals can help faster absorption of skin nutrients. On the other hand, dairy products and fatty meat might block the overall production of good nutrients to the skin.

Health Problems That Triggers Sallow Skin

If you are not doing unhealthy habits to make your skin sallow, maybe you are having medical issues that are evitable from getting sallow skin. Health condition like anemia affects the skin’s appearance that causes yellowish or pale complexion. It comprises of red blood cells that don’t create enough supply of oxygen to evenly distribute the entire body. Acute anemia can be treated by getting enough iron and vitamin B-12 intake while chronic anemia needs immediate attention because it might be related to kidney or autoimmune disease.

Vitamin deficiency can also lead to having sallow skin. Vitamin C, A, and E play an essential role in protecting and preserving collagen and elastin protein in the skin. Vitamins B-12 and D are responsible for skin cell’s growth that activates healthy-looking skin. 

Seek medical attention to get the right prescription with over-the-counter medicine and vitamin supplements that will help you combat health conditions like anemia and vitamin deficiency.

A Step-by-step Skin Care Routine to Get Rid of Sallow Skin

After consulting to your trusted dermatologist or physician on the root cause of your skin to sallow, treating it with good and effective skin care can diminish the appearance of sallow skin and prevent it from reappearing again.

Master the art of good skin by following these simple steps and its corresponding skin products that you should get: 

  • Cleanse (Morning and Night Routine) – Washing your face twice a day can remove excess dirt, oil, and bacteria from pollution. A cleanser like Olay Brightening Cream Face Cleanser ($9.49) that is good on all skin types has brightening properties that aim to exfoliate dull skin. 
  • Exfoliate (Once or Twice a Week) – A chemical peel is more likely gentle to the skin compared to physical exfoliators than can cause micro skin tearing that irritates your skin and prone to unwanted breakouts. Lactic acid peels like The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA ($6.80) is good for all skin types and offers mild exfoliation that speeds up the improvement of a sallow complexion. 
  • Topical Vitamin C is A Must (Morning and Night Routine) – Vitamin C is an antioxidant that eradicates early signs of aging due to exposure to pollution that causes free-radical damage. La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Face Serum ($39.59) is a good product designed to reduce visible wrinkles and uneven skin texture. This serum is also best suited for sensitive skin types.  
  • Use Retinol (Night Routine) – This might be an unfamiliar ingredient for you but this can address a wide range of skin problems like wrinkles and uneven skin tone. For beginners, a small dosage of retinol like SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 ($76.00) a night cream that improves the appearance of wrinkles and minimizes pores from breaking out.
  • Moisturize (Morning and Night Routine) – Don’t skip moisturizing your face because it strengthens your skin’s barrier from drying.  First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($32.00) is a good moisturizer to provide long-lasting results to distressed skin.  
  • Apply UV Protection (Morning Routine) – The harmful sun’s rays can be one of the reasons why your skin is suffering from uneven complexion. La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen ($33.50) is formulated for sensitive skin type.

Makeup Hacks for Sallow Skin

While your skin is on the works, you can conceal your skin’s imperfection with a little help of makeup. Don’t choose makeup products that aren’t skin-friendly always look for the product ingredients that are oil-free and noncomedogenic that do not clog pores or to accumulate more dead skin cells.

To add glow to your dull skin, purchase a makeup product that has vitamins such as vitamins C and A. Whenever you are done with taking down notes of good makeup ingredients, it is important to color match your foundation so that it harmonizes well with your natural skin tone and making it healthy-looking without overdoing it.

Color corrector can help neutralize an uneven skin tone. Color correcting concealers are created to make your skin look flawless there are corresponding colors to every undertone: pale pink (brightens blue undertone skin on fair skin), peach (conceals blue or purple shadows on medium skin color), yellow (to hide purple or darker undertones on olive or tan skin), and green (for redness and blemishes). Once you master color-correcting, you should top it off with an under-eye concealer to brighten up sallow skin and seal the deal with your foundation and compact powder for a matte finish.



Most frequent questions and answers

Sallowness refers to a skin type that lost its healthy complexion that produces pale or yellow complexion.

There are three undertones; Warm, cool, and olive. A sallow skin has warm undertones that range from peach to yellow hues. Undertone is different from your natural skin tone. Knowing your undertone will help you find the perfect foundation shade that will make your makeup more natural-looking.

Jaundice is a medical term that best describes the sudden yellowing of the face or eyes. Whenever you notice your face looked yellow, it is best advised to consult your doctor because it might be one of the possible signs that you are enduring an underlying disease.

To reverse dull skin, always consult your doctor to know its root cause and start a healthier lifestyle such as a balanced diet and regulating your sleep cycle. It is also important to religiously follow your skin care routine.

There are a lot of causes to sallow skin from a lifestyle that is prone to skin aging (smoking, stress, and an imbalanced diet) or medical condition (anemia and vitamin deficiency). Once the cause is identified, it is best to follow the right treatment to rejuvenate your skin and restore your natural complexion. For more effective and faster results, it requires thorough care through using skin products that target to minimize sallow skin and approved by your dermatologist to avoid further skin complications because you never know if there are certain skin product ingredients that irritate your skin that triggers the allergy.

To age gracefully doesn’t happen overnight but there are easy ways to preserve your skin’s youthful glow. For modern women who are excelling at their careers, it is high time to pamper your skin and be diligent with your skin routine and stop unhealthy habitual lifestyle to show love to your body since it is one of the sacred parts that a woman can possess aside from maintaining good health and voluminous vibrant hair. Having a sallow skin is not the end to your happily ever after relationship with your skin, you will notice good results within a few months (depends on the level of sallowness) if you stick to what your dermatologist advised you to do. Relax and don’t lose hope because we are given another day to improve ourselves holistically.

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