Skin Tightening Treatments: Solving your Sagging Skin Problem

sagging skin

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We all want to have that youthful glow. However, as we age, we can never outrun signs of wrinkles, fine lines and saggy eyes due to decreased production of elastin and collagen in our body. Our skin proceeds to lose its elasticity and starts to droop all over, especially skin around the eyes – and that’s quite worrying.

If one can cheat time, then we would never have to problem baggy eyes or skin aging at all – unfortunately, the world works to cycle its season and we need to face that each year we lose body tighten that mirrors our youth, specifically face.

Despite how we hate to see our eyes to sag, did you know that watching yourself in the mirror few times and complain over your dark circles can give you an advantage? It pushed you to browse finest remedy that could aid your distress which lead you to this article.


What’s behind the sagging skin under eyes?

So how do you actually acquire wrinkled skin and saggy eyes? You have three major reasons, one is through Genetics (Blame it to your roots!), the other is Lifestyle, and last is Environment. You see, you really don’t have a choice if the protein production that gives resilience in your skin becomes slower in early life stages just because it runs over your blood. However, you do have the power to stop your smoking habit (the reason why your eyes look like a mess etc.) and go further to live healthy. Overexposure to the sun is one common cause of sagging around eye area as it dehydrates and dry skin moisture. We really can’t keep away from the sun and its one pain in the as* when too much heat comes in.

Thankfully, topical tighten skin products that stimulates the new collagen process, slows down collagen degradation, and protects the skin against sun damage are in our reach!

How can I tighten the skin under my eyes?

When there’s three dominant causes, there’s also three tips to effective remedy! (Let’s call it our three of 3’s – LOL!) While your skin care ritual will vary with your skin type, skin tighten solutions such as eye cream, organic moisturizer, serum, etc. should relatively be used after you’ve applied cleanser, gels and toners in primary. Hence, you still need to get familiar with what suits you and get rid of those sagging skin! Here’s a list of them:

Over the Counter Products for the eyes 

Droopy eyelid under eye area is really frustrating and your quick remedy for these are skin care products offered in-stores. Adding to try OTC topical cosmetic in your care routine can boost collagen and encourages new fiber production. What are these products? 

Retinoid Eye Cream and Oil for the under eyes

Products containing retinol or trerinoin (Vitamin A) can help your body make more collagen volume. Though not all creams or lotions penetrate deeply, its antioxidants function keep away harmful impurities from cells and lead to tighter skin. First time users of retinoid creams are cautioned and advised to go for low concentration, higher ones should be prescribed by dermatologists. 

Example : Victoria Body Shoppe Retinol Cream

Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 Eye Cream

Vitamin C is formulated with L-ascorbic acid that has skin tightening functions (found often in 10-20% concentration) that boost elasticity and slows deterioration of existing collagen fibers. It also has Hyaluronic acid (HA) to boost skin hydration and frequently adds  Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E) to heighten antioxidative results. 

Example : TruSkin Serum 

While Vitamin C focus on well-hydrated skin, Vitamin B3 – less irritating option than retinoids – use niacinamide concentration to lessen wrinkled skin in the eyes. The amino acids that improve collagen making (peptides) are added to niacinamide to boost anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects. 

Example: Niacinamide Cream

Sunscreen or SPF Creams

Sunscreen product protects your skin against direct hit from ultraviolet radiation. It plays down the causing photo damage that results under eye wrinkles, deprived natural moisture of the skin, and fine lines. Skin care products with SPF of at least 16 prevents parched skin that can lead to eyelids that droop, it moistens to give skin a more fresh and youthful appearance. 

Example: NeoGen 

Do-it-yourself Skin Tightening Solutions

Yes, you can still keep it organic – even in your skin around eye area problem. There are natural alternatives out there and in comforts of your home which are recommended by beauty experts and enthusiasts:

  • Egg Whites and Ice  Egg white  makes your eyelids firm and tighten the skin while cool ice has its constricting blood vessel function which lessen your saggy eyelids and improve appearance of your eyes. 
  • Cucumber and teabags Chamomile tea bags has its anti-inflammatory properties treat sagging eyelids while cucumber are enriched with caffeine and ascorbic acid which also reduce inflammation and promotes skin tightening. Both have this cooling sensation effect once placed under eyelids. 
  • Live a healthy diet and get enough sleep
  • Eat grapes, it has elements that prevents or slows the cellular aging process and keep the habit of “resting”. Reboot and recharge, start by taking hold of your time and manage your sleeping routine. 
  • Exercise 

Facial exercises encourage tightening of excess skin around eyes. Some study says that circulation that are made by facial exercises, clean molecules that cause skin laxity, however, no proof yet is given that it is efficient, so might expect for mild results at best. 


Cosmetic Procedures and other under eye medical treatments

There are a lot of factors that contribute to undesirable fine lines around the eye. Women and, increasing degree of men skin experts are studying cosmetic fixes for eyelids drooping. They have divided such aiding category into surgical and non-surgical approaches. 


  • Fillers are injectable treatments made with Hyaluronic Acid that plump up under- eye area, make skin smoother, conceal dark circles and fill in the deeper crevices on cheeks to lower eyelid – all to avoid wrinkled skin. There are types of filler used for each patient, it depends on what natural-looking appearance, they would want to see and achieve. 
  • Chemical Peels are liquid formulation that removes the top skin layer which are dead skin cells and stimulates new growth, to unleash smooth, lighter skin and get rid that superficial wrinkles. 
  • Microdermabrasion is invasive cosmetic procedures which use relatively small molecules that exfoliate, peel outer skin layer and enhance collagen production, to result smoother skin. 
  • Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy involves puncturing of small strerile needles which boost collagen and elastin process. 
  •  Radiofrequency and Laser are much like chemical peels, it’s commonly used for under- eye wrinkles on the top layer skin. The laser beam/ heat triggers to break epidermis (top layer skin) and uses its healing process to promote new collagen to grow in the next resurfacing layer. 
  • Botox can go with fillers (injectable too), it relaxes the muscles to smoothen wrinkles both sides and above while fillers do the ender-eye treatment. 

Surgical Alternative 

Blepharoplasty eyelid surgery goes deeper to rejuvenate the eye area. It removes excessive fats that loosen the skin and lead to drooping eyelids. Surgeon can also reposition fat and tighten skin, resulting to solve the underlying problem of laxity and baggy skin under your eyes. You can email them or do walk in for direct appointments.


Most frequent questions and answers

Although there are topical cosmetics that are effective at treating droopy eyelids, the best alternative to go for if you have mild sagging skin are OTC care products (some can be found in Amazon. Com) with suggested beneficial ingredients such as retinol. You may also go for free natural products if you’d like to, leave the surgical treatment your last resort.

Surgical procedures will be your best alternative for this one. If the excessive skin continuously degrading your confidence up to today, opt for surgery that omit / take your unwanted skin or fats and let your skin be tightened. You can schedule your visit perhaps the day after or next week, it’s totally up to you. 

Totally reverse your not healthy lifestyle, eat good food with less sugar, preservatives and salts. Get enough sleep, have your vitamins and quit smoking. Avoid common reasons why eyelid is drooping. Remember: One stick of cigars means 11 less minutes of life – so think before you open a pack. 

As we continue to live in the current era where people  “Appearance” mirrors confidence, especially face, we really need to loose sagging skin or any signs of aging by hook or by crook. Luckily, cosmetic evolution copes up with modernization, which brought us skin care products or undergoing procedures that stimulate skin’s collagen and elastin to contract existing fibers and tighten skin. However, you need to carefully find what’s best for your eyes. Many blog, or write-ups contradict the very essence of clearing the eye droop dilemma, it’s suggesting safe treatments – which can be found by naturally made formulation for the eyes. 


Quick Tip:

If you feel bothered by the way your eyes look or skin sagging as you age, better to visit experts that could carefully assess your situation and suggest information remedies for you. It will all depend on your skin type, preference and severity that will come up your remedy decision. If you have skin sagging on mild factor, always seek doctors advice before trying high concentration solution. Better apply natural products instead and keep it organic. 

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