Puffy Eyes : Best Remedies in Detail

puffy eyes

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Your eyes are a reflection of your spirit. It carries a lot of statements such as innocence, hope, emotions and of course, beauty. While the bags under your eyes mirror on how your life is doing or lifestyle have been, a nerve-wracking news of puffy eyes in the morning could go all worst when it goes in depth your beaut routine.

Puffy eyes, also known as Periorbital puffiness, or swelling around the eyes, is the appearance of swelling in the tissues around the eyes called orbits. It is commonly brought by trapping fluid or fluid retention under lower eyelid called edema – which prominently outbreaks puffiness. It may occur for many reasons, including inherited facial traits, allergies, stress, skin aging et al.

While there are reliable home remedies such as soothing cucumber slices or anti-hemorrhoid creams such as Preparation H that temporarily cure puffy eyes, long lasting treatment can be achieved by seeking medical care experts or specialists – still to rely on causes though.

Main Causes

Extreme pile up of fluids enclosed on all sides of skin tissue which results to eye puffiness can truly be a great annoyance. Now, let’s see what the top conditions that you can omit in your habit to completely avoid eyelids swollen or simple reasons why you get to have it:

1. Allergies

This one common problem that cause inflammation rooted from food reaction, chemicals, hay fever or even medicine you took for the first time – Note: I had a first hand experience on this (due to allergy) and it was real scary.

2. Pink eye (conjunctivitis)

Blood vessels in the conjunctiva become inflamed, which cause to appear reddish eye and make eyes swollen. Often caused by bacteria infection, unclean contact lens or virus etc.

3. Sinusitis and Orbital cellulites

Sinus blockage or common cold that leads to inflammation and display redness to painful swelling of your eyelid.

4. Stye and Chalazion

Both an infection of eyelash follicle or tear gland, but are harmless. Red bumps may appear at the edge of your swollen eyelids and results to puffiness.

5. Crying

When you cry, fluid assembles in your lower eyelids and around the eye area. When this happens, your eyes are swollen and will surely go puff, so make sure not to cry over your exes too much.

6. Fatigue, lack of sleep and aging

Feeling over stressed, tired and low energy may not only give you dark circles, your eyes won’t have its rehydration process if you skip the healthy habit which will give you puffiness on the eyes.

7. Salt Consumption

Too much is never good for your health, especially around your eyes. Salts in your diet can cause your eyes to puff, as excess sodium levels can lead to fluid retention.

8. Alcohol

Avoid excessive alcohol, this can dehydrate not only your face but all your body features. It will surely lead your eyes to puff.

Others: Thyroid problems , inherited facial features, trauma related injuries, eye cancer symptom.

Home Remedies

There are various ways to help reduce puffy eyes, some may work with as simple as drinking water and others may go for tested cream products. If you think you are more with underlying serious symptoms, seek medical advice for aid.

Chilled cucumbers

Old-age natural remedy you can use to reduce puffiness around eyes. It has antioxidant content that battles off environment caused damage that can make eyes look dry, tired and dull.

How: Cut two ¼-inch slices of cucumber ( save the others for later) and place it in the high temperature chiller in order to promote vasoconstriction (narrowing lumen of blood vessels) that ensure cool soothing relief and instantly de-puffs your eyes.


Using tea bags is all about the caffeine. As vast variety of tea contain caffeine or anti-inflammatory properties, it evidently penetrates the skin to lessen puffiness, and increase blood circulation – as well as redness and irritation.

How: Wet two tea bags (usually used or unused) and refrigerate for 15 to 25 minutes, and place them in the skin around your eyes for same minutes until its cooling goes down.

Cold compress or cold spoons

You can opt to have easy grab clean cloth and soak in cool water, then gently tap or massage the area to help stimulate blood flow or make use of spoons in your home kitchen.

How: Simply chill metal spoons in the fridge and hold the rounded side against your eye swollen area for a few minutes until the spoon goes warm. Both help to tighten the blood vessels which shall give puffy relief.

Over-the-Counter Products Treatments

Use an eye roller

Eye soothing gels applied using metal roller ball can be your aid and help in inflammation. Some e.g. Detox eye roller has caffeine formula that has the same effect as teabags. By sweeping back and forth in gentle pressure, you’ll surely feel its cool sensation and hydration.

Buy an eye cream or face cream / serum

Some of its ingredients include natural extracted properties (cucumber, chamomile, Arnica) that help reduce inflammation and tightens the skin. Refrigerated face cream cools down puff area by constricting blood vessels. There are organic eye creams you can opt to have if you’re a fan of natural products (Organys Rejuvenating Eye Cream).

Try witch-hazels

This alcoholic (some alcohol free) solution that can be found in your medicine cabinets are used as soothe and mild astringent to combat eye puff causes. Pour witch hazel to pad cotton and gently pat on eye area for 10 minutes.

Eye drops

If dryness continually bothers you further irritation cause your eye-puff, you may get your natural tear production supplements that shy away redness and itch. Follow medications of how many times you’ll do the drop and rest your self for minutes. It’ll make you more comfortable after with of course clearer vision.

Seek Medical Advice

If your eye puffiness doesn’t go away no matter how much help remedies you’ve tried, you might want to see and talk to your doctor. For long term cases, eyelid surgery such blepharoplasty procedure is suggested by experts. It’s one type surgery wherein the doctors removes excess fat, muscle and skin in your eyelid. It may give you pain, but if you want to lose it longest you can better go for this. – if and if you’re open to cosmetic surgeries of course. You have all your rights reserved.

There are cases, though, wherein the doctor recommends laser treatments, chemical peels, or other medications to help reduce puffiness and cause fluid to slowly subside.


Most frequent questions and answers

As we age, the tissues around our eye area weakens: including the muscles that support our eyelids. The normal fat that helps to maintain our eyes (blood vessel), may do its own navigation to the lower eyelid and cause to display puffy. It can probably be normal signs of aging or early unfortunates of eye cancer, so might keep an eye on our health also.

According to Mayo Clinic site research (rights reserved), they share that there are several factors that may actuate accumulation of fluids in your under-eye area. People habits such smoking, alcohol intake, excess sodium related levels and featured baggy eyes through heredity or sleep deprivation mark potential increase of fluid leakage that causes the puffiness and may dilate the eye area.

Though puffy eyes generally is not a severe medical condition, you are advised to see a doctor still, when you experienced long-lasting puff irritation, painful and strong swelling around your eye area and other doubtful symptoms in your body. Mayo Clinic says extreme swelling may refer to thyroid problems, infection or serious allergies. Talk to a doctor who’s ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon. Prior to diagnosis, set up an appointment or email the doctor for initial consultation.

Here is step by step guide and tips on how to get rid of eye-puff fast.

Instant Cure

Though there are early signs or ways to avoid puffy eyes, no one can really tell when will the striking- like puff eye dilemma may hit you. When the unfortunate puffiness comes in, you may make a choice of rinsing your whole eyes, then pat a free from harsh cold compress or decide to favor on antihistamine eye drops for allergies, etc.

There are also hemorrhoid creams and ointments that has active ingredients that constricts blood vessels – which you can add on list. However, no matter how hard you do to cure such eye condition ensure that you have an approved treatment options or you’ve asked your eye doctor for advisable medication that are safe and more effective.

Top Takeaway

Dealing with puffy eyes can be a real challenge, regardless of how expert woman you are in concealing makeup or foundation to improve skin appearance, the swollen traces will still battle your chances. To sincerely avoid any puff-eye headache to happen, you’ve got to follow one rule: Live HEALTHY.

Choose to sleep the recharging hours, eat a nutritious diet and workout if possible. Oh, and one more thing, eat more bananas! (potassium)

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