Back to Classic: Pink and White Nails (Today’s French Mani)

pink and white nails

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Dazzling Simplicity

Nail trends are coming off BIG this 2020. Not only because it signifies beauty and sophistication, but also, it became one undying reflection of a woman’s being – inside and out. 

As nail art is said to speak louder than words, a lot of inspo-worthy nail design are sprouting to be browsed in web corners (such instagram, facebook, etc.) and in stores; one of these are pink and white nails. 

Pink and white nails or French tips for some, are two acrylic colors to place on the nails which aught to produce more natural-looking and stable “French” manicure creation. It is carried out successfully by adding warm or cool pink acrylic texture as a base coat and white acrylic powder and/or gel as finishing tips. 

Given that white and pink nails convey as the demure manicure classics of world war II, its basic style of having a  minimalist vibe and low-key stances continually perk ladies up on beauty search habits up to date.

Do-it-yourself Nail Classics

This go-with-anything nail sleek design and style having its signature of tip and sheer, chic color can surely be done in the comforts of your own home or your place salons. If you’re independently at ease of having your nails done by yourself, here’s how exactly you can achieve your perfect white and pink flare on step by step:

Step 1: Nail Mani Kit

Gather your materials and have it ready. Prepare topcoat, polish remover, acrylic essentials (liquid, powders, brush and forms), nail file and cuticle pusher. 

Step 2: Start Clean

Wash your hands thoroughly and let your nails be free from old manicure. Clear your base by sweeping clear coats and make sure it’s ready for embellish sesh. Place petroleum or oil on the skin around nail fingers for indirect spillovers and easy to wipe splashes. 

Step 3: The Magic of Nail Forms

Fit your bare nails over nail forms and attach it firmly. Create a ball mixed out of acrylic liquid and white powder, then start shaping it to round line (smile line) through your brush to achieve a natural looking nail tips. 

Step 4: Chic Touch

After your form magic, use liquid and pink acrylic powder for an elegant girl touch on your nails. The Pink color should fill the area of your natural nail and expose concealment against the smile line acrylic tip. 

Step 5: Finishes

Tidy all the sides up by polish eraser. Carefully sweep the brush to detach unwanted spillovers and remove the forms. Acrylics dry fast so it won’t take you a long time to have it all good. You can have it on set, though for five minutes of your time at max. 

Step 6: Pretty Final Coat

Fresh a second coat on your entire nail (including the tip). You can opt to follow it all up with a thin layer of polish in lighter shades to emphasize color vibrancy and end it with the last coat of clear polish.

The Modish Ombre

Although a French tip is said to be outdated for 10 years because of less creativity and true tip stale to mundane, an amazing debate of 2019 puts back french mani on a pedestal and introduced ombre nails pink and white as new trend in mani world. You can always add your twist and own style in ombre, be it tri-colored possibilities or simply just the colors of pink and white in catchy gradient, its subtle and dainty character will mirror contemporary likes and currents – best for millennials and millennials at heart. 

Full Sets on FIRST

To attain your first manicure in full set, you need to identify whether you’ll go for pink white nail or,  French tips are really your thing. There’s no much difference, pink and white is pink acrylic with tips while French tips are light to clear acrylic with a tip. When the nail technician asked if you want a clear tip, opt for free from color, easy-go plastic tip or you can just stay still on clear tips with powder gloss on top of it. 

Gel Nail vs. Acrylic Nail

If you opt to show off your nail artsy craft with gel nails or acrylic nails – you’re free to do so. However, if you’re someone who’s new to artificial nail application and quite confused on what differs acrylic to gels, no worries! , we’re ready to spill the deets for you. 

Acrylics are the results of liquid and powder combining to one which creates hard, covering layer over natural nail. Using liquid monomer, dip the brush and place into powder polymer and pat into natural nails, then dry; that’s how it’s done. Though acrylic are popular for its durability, it may look unnatural if you applied it incorrectly. Make sure to add it perfectly to refrain unlikely appearance of your acrylic nail. 

Gels, works on with short length nails that needs extension. Unlike acrylics which gets on air dry, gels nail furbish  needs to be applied layer by layer and each layer needs a curing UV lamp then finishes on your desired nail pink and white. It has a more glossy appearance than acrylic and no odor at all. However, as it uses UV light it may increase the chances of skin cancer and the like. 

Your Nail Backfill Hero 

No matter how incredible the artificial nail application you use or how expensive your specifying furbish could be, your nail will still get back on its expansive length after weeks and sometimes, it really expands fast. Fortunately, we are free to make fill or have backfill services. While you use an acrylic product on nailbeds and free edge, your nail will have its new growth and when that happens brush an acrylic powder on the nail bed and the original acrylic gap to fill the space in between.


Keep your Nail healthy 

Nail needs to be log on its finest health too, and you’re not just keeping it clean for social site photos. Upkeep it with nailbrush as it gets dirty easily and avoid excessive exposure on waters etc. to protect from damage. Inspect for any signs of infection, redness or puffiness on a daily basis – not all gets to have positive response on acrylics or gels. 



Most frequent questions and answers

Pink and whites usually ARE acrylic. It’s two different colors instead of the usual clear one. It doesn’t necessitate the use of a tip, they just effortlessly build up through mixing the 2 acrylic powders to result a tip look. You’re free to consult your salon spa tech though if you’re quite confused on what suited best for you. 

There are several pointers why it has its price difference:

  1. It requires a high level of skill and will take you an hour long to have it all placed. 
  2. It also has to follow several steps compared to less expensive services. 
  3. Licensed techs are surely who can make it all fab and they need good wages. 
  4. Given that it’s one most popular great groom service (aside from the hair) people who are willing to invest extra money believe they’ll have it better, safer and more enjoyable experience if they’ll continue to be a regular on pedicure or manicure spa. 

It will differ on which nail salon place you’ll go. Some have an average of ($45/ up) for pink white Acrylic in Full Set while Gel goes up to ($50/ up). For Refills, Acrylic are ($35/ up) and Refill using Gel artificial nail application average of ($40/ up). If you have dry brittle nails, wait until your nails get improve to have it improve or patted on full sets. 

Removing nails enhancement are mostly done by nail specialists on a nail salon place. However, there are ever proven steps that you can also do it at home; Here’s how:


  1. Cut off excessing acrylics closer possible to your nails to avoid any hindrance on sweeping. 
  2. Rough the glossy shine using nail buffer and remove its top layer to make an easy-soft  surface nails upon acetone application 
  3. Get yourself acetone of 100% and pour it into the tray. Soak your nails for five to eight minutes to make the acrylic soft to detach. 
  4. Gently push your burnish off downward with a cuticle pusher.
  5. Place again your nails on acetone with tray for five minutes and buff off the remaining pieces completely. 

Massage your nails with cuticle oils to ensure nails will be rehydrated.

Artificial Nails

With several different types of artificial nail enhancements that are on pedi world image, Pink and whites are considered as popular form – like nail extension. Though some considered its simplicity as typical blunt nails on design, numerous women hoist its remarkable no-end style through opting to be involved in nail enhancement application with traditional acrylic specifics. The two-part system of  liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer) can be applied with one color acrylic or the prominent pink and whites acrylic. 

Ultimately, it’s totally up to you which nail type or manicure art nails you prefer. Whether you’ll have it done with acrylic or gel nails, be sure to have it based on your lifestyle, like budget or personal taste. Both acrylic and gels actually have their benefits and disadvantages, do your own set trial to experience what differ first-hand.


Quick Tip

Tons of nail art and manicure are in place wherever you look around. You might see that some differ prices of pink and white nail service to the other. Have your mind set on what you need vs. what you want. If you want to splurge your budget all out, then go for high end VIP nails salon. But if you just need to have your clean, classic display manicure with minimal amount allotted, best to have all done at home. In the end, if you do it properly and well, it can have you the same result as nail salon offers anyway. 


Remember – every embellishment you do or put into body entitles your soul and being, let it convey a message of who you are by choosing best nail classic you could ever have. 

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