Flex Your Nails with Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

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Easy DIY Nail Art Designs

It really sparks every woman’s joy every time they pamper themselves with freshly painted nail art. Nowadays, people are not fond of just plain colored nails anymore. People are more attracted to intricate designs and textures that create a masterpiece by make each fingernail as their canvas. If you think that creating nail designs by yourself is impossible after spending hours watching nail art tutorials online, don’t worry there are a lot of hidden gems you can find at home to help you achieve sparkly and colorful nails.

We created simple nail art hacks out of the beautiful nail designs that you’ve found over the Internet where you can simply do it at home that doesn’t need skills and creativity just follow simple instructions and join the bandwagon today.

Splash of Colors Nail Art

Watercolor art can light up the whole room and it is amazing that you can put it in your nails! Yes, you heard it right you can make an actual art in your nails. You just have to pick colors of your nail lacquer, a stiff paintbrush/unused toothbrush, cotton swabs, nail polish remover, and clear nail lacquer and follow these simple six-step instructions for a stunning nail art finish.

  •  1st Apply a base coat of white nail lacquer or any color as long as it can make other colors stand out. 
  • 2nd Grab the paintbrush and dip it to one of your chosen colors or if you don’t have any paintbrush with you, a toothbrush can be a good alternative. 
  • 3rd For a watercolor effect, use your thumb and stroke brush away in order to give your base coat a splash of color.
  • 4th Repeat the second step until you are contented with how it looks. 
  • 5th Dip a cotton swab in polish remover and start clearing the messy edges around the nail.
  • 6th Seal the deal with a few coats of clear lacquer. 

Lace It Up Nail Art

Lace symbolizes sophistication and femininity. No wonder why lace nails are trendy and women love to choose these design in-salon spas. If you badly want to try it and you don’t want to spend money on nail spas, you can do it on your own with just white and clear nail polish, scotch tape, and lace trimmings. Below, are the following steps to have it with just a matter of minutes.

  •  1st start applying your desired color lacquer and allow it to dry. It is best to use darker colors like black nail lacquer. 
  • 2nd Place the lace trimmings on the preferred area on your nail and secure it with tape.
  • 3rd Apply a good coat of white nail polish over the lace trimming.
  • 4th Let it dry and add a clear nail lacquer.

 Snakeskin Nail Art

Laces are dainty while snakeskin is viciously cool to look at and these simple designs for nails have the same process except we need a little piece of your old loofah and metallic polish to create the look.

  • 1st Apply black nail polish as your base color.
  • 2nd Pour a metallic polish on a clean surface. Once it is dried, put a piece of loofah net on the metallic polish.
  • 3rd Once the base coat is dry, gently put the piece of loofah in place.
  • 4th Dab the small sponge over the loofah.
  • 5th Peel the loofah and apply a top coat with clear nail polish. 

Valentine’s Day Nail Blowout

These adorable lovely red hearts will never go out of style especially on Valentine’s day. You can fill your nails with hearts or use it as an accent nail. A handy toothpick will help you create a perfectly-shaped heart.

  • 1st Apply at least two thin layers of white nail polish as your base.
  • 2nd By using a toothpick, apply three dots of red nail polish and connect the three dots to create a heart.
  • 3rd Repeat the second step if you wish to have multiple hearts. You can accentuate the hearts by using black nail color lacquer.
  • 4th Once it is all dry you can apply a generous coat of clear nail lacquer. Now you are ready to show your valentine’s day nails to your beau. 

The Modern French Tip Nail Art 

Want something out of the box? The half-moon or The Inverse French nail art design is a fun twist to your typical French Tip. It is created on the root of your nail in one color. To get this look, go to your nearest school supply shop and buy ring reinforcement stickers to create an illusion of a half-moon.

  • 1st Apply the sticker at the base of your nail to create a half-moon shape and start painting the top part of your nails with any nail you want.
  • 2nd Peel of the stickers and apply a clear nail lacquer.

Tips and Tricks for A Successful Nail Art at Home

Now you know how to keep your creative juices flowing by using usual things you found at home and create one-of-a-kind art. If you want to produce more art ideas for nails, here are some seven amazing hacks that you will love.

  1. Want a smoother application on your manicure-pedicure before you start a nail art? Simply soak your feet or hands in a basin that has a mixture of water and white vinegar that allows blending in with the nail lacquer. 

  2. No more time to wait for your nails to dry after spending too much time to perfect your nail art? Dip your hands in a bowl of cold water and for four minutes, you are good to go.

  3. Putting petroleum jelly around your nails can help you clean up the excess lacquer on your nails fast.

  4. To draw lines on your nails, you can use your go-to Sharpie pens. To avoid the lines from smudging, you can use hair spray.

  5. Don’t forget to always seal your nail art with a top coat to prevent it from chipping.

  6. Having a hard time to create stencils out of scratch? Use your office supplies such as scotch tape and paper to create nail art stencils and other unique designs.

  7.  If any circumstance you had a nail infection in your nail plate, treat the infected area with Vicks. A Thymol enriched ingredient that is found in Vicks Vaporub fight yeast and bacterial infection. 


Most frequent questions and answers

There are different nail art designs that are simple, extravagant, and flashy. Nail designs consist of adding gems, colorful nail paint, and even different patterns by using nail art tools such as nail dotters, nail art brushes, stationary tapes /stickers, thin striping tape, and sponges. When it comes to nail art, there are endless designs you can choose from. Below, are the few options you can choose in creating nail art. 

  • Glitters
  • Nail art pens
  • Piercing
  • Stamping
  • Water marbling
  • Added accessories like studs, rhinestones, beads, and acrylic powder for 3D nail art.

When it comes to choosing the best nail art, you can always look for your favorite celebrities for inspiration. Different varieties that are hard to distinguish the best out of the hundreds of nail art designs because it all goes down to personal preference but we can tell you that a classic French tip, dripping powdered nails, and acrylic nails are one of the favorite nail art designs to date.

In a professional manicurist perspective, there are three nail art techniques and these are the following:

Acrylics – A chemical mixture that consists of monomer liquid and polymer powder that is applied on the nails to create nail extensions or enhancements.

Nail gel – Also known as shellac nails and it is similar to acrylics but it cure the nails under a UV or LED light compared to acrylic that dries itself naturally.

Nail lacquer/nail varnish – This is your typical nail paint lacquer and it is responsible in keeping your base color intact. It also prevents your natural nail from unwanted stain like yellowing.

Oval, almond, round, and square are conventional art nail shapes that never fade throughout the time but if you are looking for a bolder statement, you can try stiletto, coffin, mountain, flare, edge, and lipstick shaped nails.

Nail art is a way to decorate, embellish, and paint your nails creatively. It is a type of artwork wherein you can put on your fingernails and toenails. Nail art’s popularity begun on beauty magazine spreads and TV commercials wherein colorful fun nails is a fashion statement.

In today’s modern world where we are exposed to social media, the nail industry starts to create a comeback by presenting different nail art designs that can easily connect to the vast majority of online audiences through adding gimmicks like adding microbeads, holographic effect, thermochromic, velvet, or nail stickers and anything far from the traditional nail lacquers that we enjoy using it.

One of the good things of having Internet is that you can find cheaper alternatives if you want to stay trendy without breaking the bank.

It is easy to recreate your favorite nail art designs at home as long as you follow simple step-by-step instructions and guarantee you can get the skill of a professional manicurist without spending way too much money. On your free time, you can call your friends to stop over at your home and try these do-it-yourself nail art ideas and unlock your inner artsy trait.

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