21 Obsessing Nail Art Designs 2020 – You Should Try At Home

nail art designs 2020

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It’s true, eye-catching nail designs can be your first impression – not just personality, and while nails have long been an all-important basis of beauty and flair, creative ways to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails meet today’s modern trends in style.

With a little polish luster and a passel of nail artsy crafts, you can fabulously be your own nail tech and heaps faddish creative designs – even at the comforts of your home!

Latest nail art design ideas to keep on point this 2020:

1. Polka Dots

Polka dots are ageless. You might see it often in clothes, shoes and nails – of course. If you want an easy-added flair to your manicure look, create a simple dot with a toothpick and have it for day or evening wear. Layer tips of different colors atop can surely add fab style in contrast.

2. French Tips 2020

Meet the old-school elegance, this 2020. French tip made a comeback with a twist, and celebrities, runways, or simply nail decal avid are occupied by it. You get to incorporate French tip into cool paints like bright neon or gradient, it’s a universal design to add.

3. One nail art on Matte

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time to do artsy colors on your nails, get yourself a one-single nail designs on matte. Though simplicity applies all over and with the elegant lazy intention of a single color nail art, adding it in exceptional matte look, is promising – perfect alternative to glossy and flashy nail designs too.

4. Abstract and Brush Strokes

Are you a fan of how splash patterns and layering shades express a new piece that release your creative side? Drop small amounts of polish in color variants on bare footing and combine or stroke fun design of your designs. You can either want to brush strokes or add dimension by arranging polish drops in opaque, or creamy color.

5. Rainbows and Sunsets Nail Art

How about trying to put a wheel of colors to your nails? Bright hues of rainbows or gradients of the sun setting look marvelously splendid. Not only it brings total chic or fiery like aura, it shows your daring side too. You can either add a lil pink to yellow fire on your talons or mixed it all colors of the rainbow, for super astonish mani finishes.

6. Tribal or Aztec Influence

Who would have thought that Tribal manicure and Aztec influence can look so undeniably eye-catching? With a mix of wild patterns or effusive tiny stripes and shapes, bright paints in geometric inspiration will have yourself fallen head over heels in beauty this 2020.

7. Braided and Segmented Nails

Fishtail braid and rearranging segmented nail art designs are very popular not only in summer but all season. Both may look like complicated geometric figures in different colors, but could truly bring out a more unique, chic in style, subtle accent, and cool nail designs in squares, triangles, and circle patterns.

8. Attractive Neon Nail Art

Neon colors (not just green), can be a total head turner. It makes its statement like no other, especially the look of splashy and electric neon hues. It signifies, bold, daring, fun, and chic, or an overall, goes-with-everything look. Go and make your own neon obscure statement in your favorite season.

9. Geometric Shapes and Lines

Using geometric abstractions can be your next favorite. If you’re up for art based on simple geometric shapes (like straight lines, circles, or squares), you can pattern on half circles or curves on a bare nail and dip in polish remover to clean up the edges after.

10. Black and Red/ Silver and Gold

Two nail art color in shade can be an easy way to embellish a manicure. If you’re planning to pat on decorative nail art stickers or decals, get two-colored nail art designs that incorporate an edgy look and surpass the limitations of fashion.

11. Chess or Checkerboard Nail Art

This stylish and trendy 2020 polish get really attractive, as the season passes. Classic stripes in parallel lines and appealing colors (like blue and red as an example), always steal the show and draw attention. You can never go wrong in incorporating simplicity and elegance as one. It’ll display your lovely nail art designs in youthful and faddish glow.

12. Leopard Prints

Animal prints are really making a fuss right now, from clothing to shoe-loving enthusiasts. There’s just something in those prints – especially leopard or zebra – that tags you as a fashion diva in bold and beautiful look. You can buy ready-to-stick leopard prints for your nails or experiment to craft your own.

13. Jewel encrusted/ Bejewelled Nail Manicure

Deck up your nails with jewel-encrusted nail designs or perfect ornaments to adorn your hands this 2020. Add some sequins, rhinestones, pearls, glitter and heavy- duty nail glue to embellish your hands with an eye catching nail art, that’s how to achieve encrusted and bejewelled nail designs in sophistication.

14. Shimmery and Foil art

The bling and shiny, shimmery like nail accent can equally bring a look of elegance too. Shimmer and foil are less common glam up to the nails, it surely imparts a rich look on your overall appearance and adds up glamour and charm as you walk on with it.

15. Newspaper Nail Art Designs

It’s quite known that creativity on nail embellish makes us do new things. Who would have thought, your newspaper reading habit can do a great adorn on your nails too? Just put on single color on your bare nails and cover it with letters, it’ll totally fad up your nails in artsy manner.

16. Water Colour and Painterly Prints

It’s literally an art attack when you decided to doll up your nails. If you want to be free on adding adorn on your nails, do over your favorite water color subjects and experiment on gradient or sunset-inspired neon. How about a monochromatic array of sky blues or dreamy pastels for an exquisitely stunning nails.

17. Anime Nail Art

Anime inspired nails may look childish yet artistic. Cute cartoon graphics or emoticon smileys can get your nails into the splashing creative finish. This new trend in detail vie most teenagers to adult nails flair this season.

18. The Punk Sexy Black

Nothing beats the gothic yet chic resemblance of Black. The single color goes with everything, so you can’t go wrong with this oh-so-trendy black on black manicure on your nails.

19. Metallic Nails Manicure

You can never go wrong with metallic nail polish paint. There’s just something on metallic talons in classic shimmer and shine that create outstanding elegance to the beholder. With one color paint in less application effort, you’ll catch every eyes in the room for sure.

20. Monochrome Nail Art

If you don’t want colors to get on mixed, get a unique yet simple monochrome nails. Make your lovely talons monochromatic in black and white simplicity. Whether you go to your office or party with friends in gathering, this nail design shall surely fit. You can either draw on a heart in black with white as background.

21. The Classic Buff 2020

One of the biggest nail trends this year that creates a new approach of “minimalism”. Extravagant designs focusing on colors or jewels might be too much for nail health for you. So if you need not to add more top coat stuff, opt for a simple, ultra gloss, nude buff nails with clear polish – a chic in style embellish in minimal touches.


Most frequent questions and answers

Most nail manicure or embellish fans lean toward one of the five basic nail shapes: square, round, oval, squoval (soft square), or pointed. Given that soft square shape is the easiest, nails shape trend of 2020 is slightly more narrow than almond but not as sharp as a stiletto – coffin nails.

Fittingly dubbed as the amazing “halochrome” by Nguyen, this OPI’s Chrome Collection never gets old like french manicure nail polish in fresh touch. It creates a big massive applause to both nail artists and homey nail polish fans this 2020 as it display and showcase a stunning finish on nails.

1. Square Shape

• Use a straight edge clipper.

• Trim your nails as straight as you can.

• Do not trim the nail in one clip, clip it across a couple of times.

• Use your file perpendicular and 90 degrees flat on the nail and file in one direction.

• Finish off by gently softening edges.

2. Round Nails

• Round the corners of the nail by using filer,

• File clip in curved motion using round clipper and free edge on each side.

3. Oval

• Clip your nails three strokes at a time.

• Stop to check sure both sides are even and achieve oval.

4. Stiletto

• It’s a must to have strong and long nails

• Don’t continue to go straight on cutting, file going from underneath on a diagonal for pointy nails.

Bottom line

Long before the trendy holographic like sticker nails or nail decals became too mainstream on nail trends, nails are seen as a sign of wealth and hygiene. As years passed, though numerous essence is associated with hand or finger / nail designs, we’re all guilty in mandating ourselves to take more control when it comes to trendy adorn or our entire physique look

Manicures and pedicures are embellish treatments that trim, shape, and polish the nails, no matter we choose to do the artwork look on our nails – be it time varying or design citations – make sure to glam in healthy care nails too.

Make your staycation days more productive by curating definitely nail art fads you’ll love this 2020!

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