The Best Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

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“Better Beauty begins with Better Brushes”, says one brand cosmetics. We set the foundation, sweep across cheek blusher, blend and buff eyeshadow, contour, and highlight our faces with cosmetic tools, every single day. It became one norm that cosmetics are applied self-confidence directly on face and hearing such statement gives you a flag of commitment to never look past or ignore the word “Make up Brushes” – first hand.

With a good brush, anyone can be an artist (makeup artist) – that’s the notion. However, frequent cleaning or giving your tools a wash every month or more won’t guarantee a no-left-amount of gross residual dirt or bacteria type on-board. Fortunately, advises from dermatologists or skin experts show suggested steps on how to properly clean your makeup brushes or tools! Let’s find out how clean makeup brushes up the right way.

How often should you be cleaning makeup brush?

Most experts recommend cleaning brushes makeup once a week and wash it once or twice a month. Confused? How to clean brushes and how to wash makeup brushes are quite different – well, in terms of “makeup brush how to clean”. Cleaning make up brushes means your once or twice a week’s time free-from-dirt session with a concealer brush, powder, contour, or a simple timetable on how to clean foundation brushes frequently; while makeup brushes wash is a makeup brush wash process for around eye area such as; eyeshadow, crease, or angled brush et al. which you can do brush cleaning in a month’s time.

Brush Makeup Cleaners

A lot of brush makeup cleaner and cleansers are made specially for cleaning makeup brushes. Aside from brush cleaning cleansers, other best way to clean a makeup brush are through a home castile, or your favourite facial wash – told by most experts. As cleaning your sacred makeup tools requires water, soaping your tools effectively devoid liquid out of bristles (especially those made of natural hair) and make a better base for product application. If you want to how to clean your makeup brush using professional brush cleaner, opt for food-grade solvents that gently dissolve wax-based or powder liquid for deep neat such as follows:

Best ways to clean Makeup Brushes

The best and most thorough method for cleaning your tools requires water and either a gentle castile, baby shampoo, spray brush cleaner or liquid. Here’s a step guide on how do you clean a makeup brush at home effectively;

  1. Under a lukewarm liquid, run the filaments of the cosmetic tool. Rinse surfacing old makeup gently and avoid wetting the metal clasp handle which holds the bristles together. According to makeup artist ALICIA D’ANGELO (rights reserved), you need to hold the metal part in which the bristles are attached so the liquid doesn’t get into the ferrule and avoid from letting it fall out.
  2. Heat may earn damage bristles, so avoid using hot water. Move and separate the bristles repeatedly so the liquid gets down to brush center as you wash it.
  3. If the brush is soiled, you may apply a soap directly to clean brushes makeup. You may also carry out baby shampoo, facial wash or liquid castile, these are perfect examples of DIY makeup brushes cleaner that’s effective especially for oil based makeup. There are some site advertisement or reading information that shows how to clean a makeup brush at home. You can simply add 1 teaspoon of liquid and mix it with water and have makeup brush cleaned.
  4. Dip the brush into the mixture and swirl. Avoid water swishing through the handles, make sure the only half bottom of your brush is swirled. You may also use deft of your fingers to work on with brush bristles using castile.
  5. Remove the brush from the mixed water and liquid cleaner product bowl and loosen up oils or remaining stain by gently massaging it with your fingers. Continue to massage the bristles and do the same process until the dirt or bacteria completely runs clear.
  6. Pat the bristles dry and get towel to remove moisture. Let the cosmetic tool be devoid of natural moisture on a counter with the bristles hanging over edge as the last stage of how to wash makeup brush.

Keep it Clean (Do’s and Don’ts)

  • Avoid storing your brushes in an upright position while drying them. The water might travel down handle or shaft and results to rust. Make sure to let it be free from liquid first.
  • Never place flat iron or accustom to hairdryer to dry your brush. Remember that hot liquid is not advisable since it’ll ruin the fibers and damage bristle? Same goes with drying. No intense heat to apply.
  • When your brushes dry completely, store it upright in a cup or lay them down. The bristle will get crooked once you store them pointing downward.
  • Use cosmetic tool case or bag when you go outdoors, don’t put it directly into your bag without a case or cover protection. Its both hygienic and convenient for you.
  • Do not dry brushes in closed areas like bathroom or powder room. The bristles need an open air and well-ventilated area, enough to have air flow and avoid the unlikely smell from it.
  • Disinfect your brush with vinegar-water solution. Stir it into a bowl of disinfectant and rinse to dry after.


Most frequent questions and answers

Aside from afacial cleanser and regular castile, there are content tutorials in email blasts citing specifics on makeup brush cleaner diy straight from your home kitchen. One example is the Dish Cleanser like “Dawn Dish Detergent”, which is recommended by makeup gurus for its powerful degreasing properties. Just pour in some liquid and combine it with olive oil for finer results. The combination of the two brush cleaning ingredients expedites washing makeup brush process and are best to clean makeup brushes or tools in easy peasy like method. Other household products like shampoo or hair conditioner can do close makeup brush cleaning effectively also and moisturize bristles.

As we use our brushes for makeup, cosmetic products remain to brush hairs and sponges. They can hold oils, residual dirt, and bacteria that could leave your brushes dirty, spotty and difficult to perform. Once you tap it to your face, gathered elements of dirt may earn and cause you acne, pimples or worst skin allergy to face or another . So make sure to know how to clean your makeup brushes or how to clean foundation brush and others in basic terms.

According to Jillian Dempsey, a celebrity and editorial makeup artist who’s worked with Emilia Clarke, Kristen Stewart, and Julia Roberts (rights reserved), among others, a repetitive gentle massage on the tips of the bristles in the palm or in silicone brush cleansing mat can make sure the soap and product remains is 100 percent out. Squeeze out any remaining moisture with a towel and shape the bristles into its original form for better performance.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes Vs. How Wash Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes how to clean can be more frequent than makeup brush washing. Your questions about how to clean a foundation brush is real simple, you can choose to have brush cleaners that are easy access for you in the household like liquid wash, soaps or facial cleanser, or go for a pro machine to clean makeup brushes. Washing brushes makeup on the other hand needs an oil based or spray cleaning for expedite pull off of the product. You may also use soap or dish liquid to omit cosmetic remains in the brush but it’ll be harder to remove it all out since eye brushes are smaller than other brush cleaner makeup for facial base.

Key Note:

Know about how do you clean makeup brushes in basic or what’s the best cleaner for makeup brushes and sponge, in such way you’ll be able to point what hygienic routine, you’ll need to forgo or how to clean your makeup brushes or cosmetic tools efficiently.

There are ways on how to clean makeup brushes at home and what washing makeup brushes to use. Ensure products that are best way clean makeup brushes, be it the most effective soap to use or spray cleaner in store, after all it’ll be your routine that’ll get weak and drain should you’re passive to collate info on how to clean makeup brush at home the right way or properly.

Keep in mind that it won’t be just about how you maintain your sacred tools, it’ll be lined with health importance in way of hygienic habit you do if you’re a real fan of cosmetics. Note when is the best time to have it all refreshed!

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