How to Achieve Flawless Face with Facial Hair Removal Cream

Facial Hair Removal Cream

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Seven Myths That Stop You from Using Facial Hair Removal Cream

The only thing that stops you from glowing skin is unwanted facial hair. This might be a big factor that shies you away from wearing full coverage makeup or even a bare minimum makeup without emphasizing your facial hair. Don’t worry, there a hundred and one ways to do about it. 

What stops you from getting rid of excess facial hair is the odd things that you’ve heard over the Internet or from your family and friends. There are many misconceptions about this topic and we are here to bust the myths about facial hair and effective brands that you buy at any drugstore or online and can be used at home.

Myth #1: Once you start removing facial hair, the thicker or coarser it will get.

Shaving can be a repetitive regimen since it could only last for at least two days and you will notice hair starts to grow again. This can be frustrating that it can only last a short period of time but the statement is not true that it gets thicker once you start to shave. Instead, the effectivity of shaving doesn’t last long because the razor cuts the hair in half and it removes above the surface rather than the root. Also, an untouched hair lies flat that makes an illusion that is soft and thin and shaving makes it stand up that makes it feel thicker but in reality, the hair itself hasn’t changed at all. For a smoother shave with no traces of nasty bumps, make sure to gently exfoliate before you shave to remove dead skin cells, and using a depilatory cream can make your skin smooth and when it grows back you don’t have to worry if it gets coarser. 

Myth #2: Facial hair is always thick

There is a huge difference between women’s facial hair compared to men. Men’s facial hair is characterized by prickly thick hair. On the other hand, women’s hair tends to be more tamely fine and short. Facial hair on women is normal and you don’t need to freak out about it. If it is very visible to the naked eye, there are some underlying reasons behind it and it is best to consult a licensed dermatologist if your skin is undergoing through hormonal changes or it is triggered by taking certain medications that leave negative side effects to your body. You can head to a professional skin care clinic for long term hair removal solutions like laser treatments or electrolysis. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, do-it-yourself hair removal products is also a time-efficient manner in keeping your facial skin hair-free!

Myth #3: It is a struggle to maintain hair-free skin

Now that you sign up for a hair-free life, the lifestyle that comes to it is not that hard as you think it is. As a woman, you always aspire to feel good about yourself, and removing unwanted hair can be a big obstacle that hides great qualities of your body. Maintaining a hair-free body is easy as 1-2-3 with a little help of well-known hair removal cream brands like Veet and Nair promises every woman to achieve seamlessly smooth skin that is good for weeks. That is the best deal you can get whenever you are looking for a painless hair removal routine that you can do it at home.

Myth #4: You are suffering from hormonal imbalances

It doesn’t mean that you are suffering from hormonal imbalances once you notice that you started to grow excessive hair growth on your face. Diagnosing yourself based on the articles you’ve read online is not the way to keep your peace of mind intact and instead, it adds up to your anxiety. Whenever you feel strange about your body, follow the golden rule and that is to listen to what medical professionals have to say to what you are feeling right now and treat your body with the right medication it needs before you regret purchasing unprescribed medicine.

Myth #5: People with sensitive skin can’t use depilatories

That is a big false statement that facial creams are only allowed for every skin type but not with sensitive skin. Facial hair removal cream brands have developed a specific product line that is formulated for delicate skin and each ingredient is dermatologically tested and proven to be great with sensitive skin. Before using any facial cream, you should spend time examining the product if your skin is reacting to it by doing a patch test. You start it by applying a small amount of the product into your face wherein you can easily conceal it such as under your jaw, the corners of your forehead, or behind your ear. To properly examine the product, there should be no other products within 48 hours. If irritation occurs during the test, it is best to discard using it and throw it in the trash bin.

Myth #6: Razor and hair remover are just the same

Whoever says that these two tools act the same, needs a friendly pep talk. Razors have sharp blades that can cut the hair above the skin while a hair remover cream focuses on removing skin’s surface and once it grows back, it grew with rounded tips that make it more soft and smooth compared to removing your facial hair with just plain razor. To keep things short, they are totally different hair reducing tools but they aim to help you remove hair fast and easy. 

Myth #7: Women only have hair on their upper lip

Every woman has hair entirely on their face but it is more visible in the upper lip (let us get our facts right). You can also detect hair in your neck, chin, and cheeks. If you have the urgency to get rid of it, you can freely do it bothers you. Don’t be deceived on myths telling you that it grows fast and thicker that you will end up with more facial hair. All you have to do is to shrug these rumors off because none of them is true. 

The Best Products for Hair Removal

Now that you are a step closer to flawless hair-free skin! Here are the lists of brands that are proven to be effective and face-friendly too! 

  • Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Cream $100 (available at – Olay is known for their facial products and they’ve done it again in creating a hair removal cream. It claims to have a skin-protecting balm that minimizes irritation while you enjoy outstanding results that makes it worth the price.

  •  Surgi-Cream Hair Remover for Face $18 (available at – If you are having trouble with thick and unruly hair, this facial cream is your best companion. It is specially formulated to eliminate thick hair by just applying a stick and an even layer to your face, wait for at least four minutes and enjoy flawless skin for at least four days.

  • ElectriBrite Epilator for Women $25 (available at – Epilators are an electrical device that removes hair by the root. It is safe to do it at home as long as you follow the instructions that are indicated in the product’s packaging. The majority of users are happy with the results and they like the convenience it gives to them.

  • Nair Hair Remover Cream for Face $4 – This is one of the best drugstore options that get the job done in softening the hair and gets right through the root. After all, it is named “The Holy Grail” among facial creams because Nair contains natural extracts such as sweet almond oil. It is responsible for reducing inflammation and a great soothing ingredient for facial hair.

  • Avon Fresh and Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream $8 (available at – Removal creams won’t make you feel the pain that weakens your knees but it can sting or burn your facial skin if the ingredients aren’t for your skin type. This cream is free from fragrances that use aloe extract to remove fuzz and hair without irritating your skin. Dermatologists usually recommend this product for sensitive skin.


Most frequent questions and answers

Hair removal is safe but to make things sure that you won’t put your skin at risk, at all times do a patch test before using it. The skin around your eyebrows is extremely delicate and using a hair removal cream that is not meant for a specific area could burn and bring discomfort to other areas of your face. To get rid of facial hair with the use of depilatory cream is safe but just make sure it is formulated specifically for your face and follow the instructions carefully and don’t leave it longer than instructed.

It doesn’t make your hair coarse whenever you start using hair removal products and devices. Shaving cuts the hair and the tip leaves an illusion that makes you think that your hair looks coarse as it grows out. It also appears darker but the hair never changes once it grows out.

Creams offer a quick and easy way to remove hair at home. It works in dissolving the hair below the skin and remain a stubble-free skin for as good as four days.

  • Put a small amount on your skin and follow the instructions on the leaflet and monitor your skin if it reacts within 24 hours and if it doesn’t, you can now use it.

  • Make sure your face is clean and dry before applying any depilatory product.

  • To maintain its smoothness and avoid irritation, avoid choosing scented products, swimming, or sunbathing for at least 24 hours after hair removal. 

Take a good look in the mirror and examine if you want to take action to reduce skin imperfections. Shaving your facial hair is a game-changer to your skin routine to keep it silky soft and smooth. Waxing, threading, and laser hair removal is not for the weak-hearted, you should have higher pain tolerance if you want to do it but if you choose a painless route, depilatory creams are a cheaper and less painful compared to the three well-known hair removal methods.

The active ingredients found in chemical hair removers are calcium hydroxide or strontium hydroxide that is essential in maintaining a level of 12. Depilation doesn’t destroy your dermal papilla (located in the uppermost layer of the dermis) and the hair grows back naturally. It is also available in gel, lotion, aerosol, roll-on, and the most famous cream form. Chemicals found in hair removing creams weaken the protein fibers (keratin) of your hair and dissolves it within 3-10 minutes of penetrating the cream skin deep. 

It is not necessary to remove your facial hair but you can also do whatever you wish to get rid of it. We understand this task can be complicated and you are afraid of getting hurt and compromise your skin that is why you choose not to do it. After reading this article, you may have the strength to do whatever you want in removing unwanted hair in your face. Creams can leave a tingling sensation but this is one of the indications that is working.

If you feel it is burning instead of a slight tingling effect on your face, you should immediately stop using it and apply cool water in the affected area. Before grabbing your trusty razor and chosen cream, start to learn how to properly do it and memorize its precautions by heart so it won’t look red and scabby. Another useful tip is using it toward the end of your shower, in that way it is easier to remove since hair is hydrated and the strands are softer and manageable to dissolve.

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